Wiki Cloth

Markdown Wiki Engine Web Framework using MongoDB as well as Node.js
It uses the Markdown syntax for plain text and the MathJax LATEX syntax for the mathematical symbols.

Github: usemodj/WikiCloth

Smart Plug

MEAN Angular Fullstack Web Store, Blog, Forum and Support Board using MongoDB

Github: usemodj/SmartPlug


Yeoman AngularJS NodeJS Express MySQL framework Store, forum, news board

Github: angularjs-express-mysql

PC to Mobile USB SMS

Send a lot of different SMS messages to people from Windows PC connecting a Android Smart Phone with USB.
It’s possible that reading SMS messages to send from Excel file(.csv) and saving the sent SMS to Excel file(.csv).

Page: PC to Mobile USB SMS

Android App: PC to Mobile USB SMS App

Windows Program: PC to Mobile USB SMS Host


Arduino Page

ESP8266 WiFi Module

ESP8266 WiFi Page