WikiCloth: Markdown Wiki Engine Web Framework using MongoDB as well as Node.js

WikiCloth is a Wiki Engine using the Markdown syntax. It uses Javascript, Angular.js, MongoDB, and Node.js. Git Code: Web Site: Markdown Syntax: What is Wiki? A wiki (Listeni/ˈwɪki/ wik-ee) is a website that provides collaborative modification of Read more ›

[Angularjs] markdown editor modules: Install markdown angular-marked and highlight.js

Angularjs Markdown Modules highlight.js: Syntax highlighting for the Web Install markdown angular-marked and highlight.js Install modules: bower install –save highlightjs bower install –save angular-marked Angularjs: [js] var app = angular.module(‘exampleApp’, [‘hc.marked’]); app.config([‘markedProvider’, function (markedProvider) { markedProvider.setOptions({ gfm: true, tables: Read more ›