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Github Code: https://github.com/usemodj/ESP8266_UTFT_MeteoconsFont

Make Meteocons font file for ESP8266 Arduino UTFT library

First, Generate Bitmap font file(Meteocons_32.png) from Meteocons.ttf file using BMFont.exe

  1. Run BMFont.exe and open Menu Options/Load Configuration:
  2. Open Menu Options/Save bitmap font as… and save to:
    then, Meteocons_0.png generated.
  3. Rename Meteocons_0.png to Meteocons_32.png

Second, Convert bitmap images into the font formats required for my UTFT libraries for Arduino

  1. Open Web browser and connect to UTFT/Font Maker http://www.rinkydinkelectronics.com/t_make_font_file.php
  2. Select File: Meteocons32/Meteocons_32.png, Font Type: Full Font(95 characters)
    and click the button of ‘Make File’ then, download link generated.
  3. Download the link file and save to Meteocons_32.c

Third, Modify Meteocons_32.c

// Meteocons_32.c
// Font type    : Full (95 characters)
// Font size    : 32x40 pixels
// Memory usage : 15204 bytes

#if defined(__AVR__)
    #include <avr/pgmspace.h>
    #define fontdatatype const uint8_t
#elif defined(__PIC32MX__)
    #define PROGMEM
    #define fontdatatype const unsigned char
#elif defined(__arm__)
    #define PROGMEM
    #define fontdatatype const unsigned char
#elif defined(ESP8266)
    #include <pgmspace.h>
    #define fontdatatype const uint8_t

fontdatatype Meteocons_32[15204] PROGMEM={


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