ESP8266 WeMos D1 mini Examples

Relay Shield, use relay to control other equipment.
* NO: 5A(250VAC/30VDC), 10A(125VAC), MAX:1250VA/150W
* NC: 3A(250VAC/30VDC), MAX:750VA/90W

WeMos D1 mini Relay shield blinks LED at 5VDC


Install WeMos D1 mini Examples of Relay shield

Unzip download file or git clone to Arduino IDE sketchbook location.

if Sketchbook Location is “~/Arduino”,

cd ~/Arduino
~/Arduino/$ git clone

Restart Arduino IDE

Open Blink.ino:
  Arduino IDE> File> Sketchbook> D1_mini_Examples> 04. Shields> Relay_Shield> Blink

WeMos D1 mini Relay Shield Arduino Code


 * Relay Shield - Blink
 * Turns on the relay for two seconds, then off for two seconds, repeatedly.
 * Relay Shield transistor closes relay when D1 is HIGH

const int relayPin = D1;
const long interval = 2000;  // pause for two seconds

void setup() {
  pinMode(relayPin, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
  digitalWrite(relayPin, HIGH); // turn on relay with voltage HIGH
  delay(interval);              // pause
  digitalWrite(relayPin, LOW);  // turn off relay with voltage LOW
  delay(interval);              // pause

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