a simple lower board holding a CH340G USB/TTL converter, two Flash&Reset push buttons, two transistors and a micro-USB socket.

an upper board holding on the top side an ESP12-F, a RGB LED in 5050 SMD package, a photo resistor, and on the underside, a LM1117 3.3V regulator, another micro-USB socket and one push button.


The board can be powered from either USB sockets, only the underboard one providing USB/COM bridge of course.
The main upper board can operate stand-alone without the lower board, and exposes the useful ESP8266 pins in two breadboardable 1/10″ 8-pin headers.

Built-in I/O wiring:

  • Push Button on GPIO04
  • Red LED on GPIO15
  • Green LED on GPIO12
  • Blue LED on GPIO13
  • Photo Resistor on ADC/TOUT/A0 pin

Arduino IDE Board Settings

Arduino IDE> Tools> Board:
NodeMCU 1.0(ESP-12E)


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